Marketing Monday

Ohhh. Themed post. Maybe even once a week? Well, let’s see how long this lasts … And to marketing. I hate it, if I’m honest. I mean, really, if you were forced to think about it, who wants to spend their time brushing up on SEO rather than getting lost in writing your stories?

But alas, at this point, the point many indie authors find themselves, self promotion and self marketing of ones work can not be avoided. In fact, in this day and digital age, it’s essential.

So, if you’re an author, how do you do it? What little things have you discovered to help get the word out there? And if you’re a reader, what little things would make you take notice of a new book? And almost more importantly, what would turn you off one? SH.


2 thoughts on “Marketing Monday

  1. I’m not at that phase yet, and the whole marketing thing really puts me off. Not what other authors do, because if you’re indie you have to self promote. I’m hoping I can find an agent and go the traditional route when I’m in the position again. I have to do a lot of editing and revising before I can even think about that though.

    I think having a blog is useful along with other social media. There’s also the author’s website, which I’d very useful. Offering eARCs since reviews can be more precious than sales since reviews can garner more sales.

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    1. It’s a many and varied thing … I had an agent when I was writing screenplays only, but they didn’t take on prose. They get so much stuff these days, that it’s hard for them to even decide. The best is to get a recommendation, but even that isn’t foolproof … Sadly, it is rather down to luck in a large percentage of instances.

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